As promised, here comes the first entry of the blog which is meant to make you aware what you really eat.
This recipe includes a few ingredients which are easy to be bought anywhere you live.
Let’s begin with what you need to make this smoothie:
1/2 avocado (you will only need half of it, about 45gr)
1 banana (~100gr)
200ml whole milk 3.5% (but you can use any milk you like)
25gr oat flakes
200gr quark cheese
This will make about 2 glasses. (each glass will have around 200ml with the smoothie in)
Avocado is an exotic fruit and high in nutrition. It provides a lot of vitamins such as B5, B6 and K.
Vitamin B5 also known as pantothenic acid which is meant to help your body increase resistance to various types of infections.
Vitamin B6 is vital for your body as it helps the systems in your body such as the immune system or nervous system.
Vitamin K has multiple roles, it prevents your body from osteoporosis, it protects your heart and also decreases the chance to have cancer.
Bananas are awesome, not only can you have them on a smoothie but you can replace your precious nutella on toast with bananas on toast or why not combine both!? Bananas are high in carbohydrates and provide a lot of energy, they contain a high amount of vitamin B6 (a bit more than 30% of your daily recommended intake). It also contains about 10% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid which also enhances iron absorption. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and is supposed to help repair wounds.
The milk I used is whole milk with about 3.5% fat it provides your body with a lot of minerals and vitamins like vitamin B2 and B12 as well as a lot of calcium and selenium. Vitamin B2 and B12 can be found in a variety of supplements. The daily intake of vitamin B2 is vital for your metabolism a lack of B2 increases the chance of having a sore throat and feeling tired. Vitamin B12 increases your performance.
Selenium is yet another vital mineral and offers a variety of health benefits however you should never overdose. This mineral has the ability to protect you against heart diseases and reduces the chance of cancer.
Oat flakes:
Oat flakes are great for smoothies and other dishes. They provide your body with a big amount of minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper and Manganese.
Calcium helps strengthen your bones and teeth so that they remain strong and don’t break easily but it also helps reducing the risk of kidney stones.
Iron is crucial for your body and yet a lot of people lack iron in their body. This mineral helps your body with multiple functions such as muscles where it helps the muscles maintaining their elasticity but as well it helps maintaining the function of our brain.
Magnesium is another crucial mineral which helps maintaining our nerves, muscles and bones. For example magnesium reduces the chance to suffer on osteoporosis and it has positive effects on asthma and diabetes. I could give you more health benefits to the aforementioned minerals but the blog post would be far too long for that and I believe the topic minerals should have their own blog entries and as well you see that oat flakes are in fact very health.
Quark is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not even mine to be honest as quark alone can be quite sour and difficult to get used to, but there are so many ways to enhance the taste of quark. In addition to that, if you add milk to quark it will get smoother. But why would anyone add quark to a smoothie? The answer is simple. Quark is very high in protein and minerals. Just like milk it has a lot of calcium and the quark I use is low in fat and contains 12gr of protein per 100gr so it’s a nice ingredient to use in a smoothie because it delivers a great amount of protein.
Now that I have analysed this delicious smoothie, you will probably ask me how to create it? The answer is simple. Use a blender and it doesn’t really matter which ingredient to put first into the blender. Personally, I put the milk first then the banana (in chunks) avocado, quark and oat flakes. After that give it a blast in the blender until it is a nice smooth consistency, open it, pour it into a glass and enjoy it!
Here’s another thing just for you. I broke down the nutrients of each ingredient and calculated how many calories, proteins, fat and carbohydrates this smoothie will offer simply because most recipes don’t do that and I want to make you aware of what you’re actually digesting so just continue reading.
Avocado (45gr)
Banana (100gr)
Milk (200ml/3.5% fat)
Oat flakes (25gr)
Quark (200gr)
So in Total that is:
fat: ~ 15.95gr
carbohydrates: ~ 56.39gr
protein: ~ 36.15gr
calories: ~ 520

Now you can’t really tell if it covers your daily recommended intake of fat, protein, carbohydrates and calories because the recommendation changes depending if you are a female or male. It also depends how active you are physically and how much you weigh but I can guarantee you that this smoothie gives you a lot of nutrients, it’s easy to make, and pretty healthy.fullsizerender1